23 October, 2017

Are you dominant or submissive?

Are you dominant or submissive? Are you dominant or submissive? Give up control or whip pleasure? Where does the desire to play with sex and pain come from? Domination / submission (D/S) games are a different way of rediscovering sex, but very few people practice it. It is easy to understand the excitement of a pair of cheeks, but what […]
10 October, 2017

How to Improve Oral Sex

How to Improve Oral Sex Both fellatio and cunnilingus are the most common sexual practices in a couple. Oral sex is important to know how to do it so that your partner enjoys these amazing preliminaries to the fullest. Today, fellatio and cunnilingus is something quite usual and in which everyone assumes that it occurs in couples. Both to do […]
2 October, 2017

Sexual Fantasies

Sexual Fantasies What do we mean when we talk about sexual fantasies? A sexual fantasy is an imaginary representation of desires whether consciously or unconsciously. These fantasies are images, ideas or feelings that the mind recreates and causes in the person an emotion and excitement, usually sexual. But these are not only sexual, they can be related to desire and […]
26 September, 2017

The Best Sex Toys to use as a Couple

The Best Sex Toys to use as a Couple Have you stopped to think about “trying something else” in your sexual relations? If you have already experienced different positions, shapes, ways and scenarios but both are looking for a totally new experience, do not hesitate to try some sex toys with your partner to light that flame you need. You […]
22 September, 2017

18 Fantastic Erotic Games

18 Fantastic Erotic Games If you want to keep the flame of passion alive with your partner, in this post we recommend 18 fantastic erotic games to excite you and your partner as if it were the first day. A good way to keep the passion without falling into monotony during intimate encounters is to play sexual games. Imagination is […]
18 September, 2017

New Boudoir Gift Voucher

Now we have at your disposal the new Boudoir Gift Voucher! With this gift voucher you can surprise the person you most want. It is ideal to give at special moments or dates designated as birthdays, weddings, Christmas … How to buy the Gift Coupon? It is very simple, you can order it through our website boudoir.es by filling out […]
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