18 September, 2017

New Boudoir Gift Voucher

Now we have at your disposal the new Boudoir Gift Voucher! With this gift voucher you can surprise the person you most want. It is ideal to give at special moments or dates designated as birthdays, weddings, Christmas … How to buy the Gift Coupon? It is very simple, you can order it through our website boudoir.es by filling out […]
15 September, 2017

The Secret of Chinese Kegel Balls

The Secret of Chinese Kegel Balls What are Chinese balls and how do they work? First of all, it should be noted that Chinese Kegel balls are not a tool that provides pleasure, this is an idea that many women still do not know for lack of information on these types of toys for pelvic training. The Chinese balls, have […]
11 September, 2017

10 Benefits of Male Masturbation

10 Benefits of Male Masturbation In this post we will talk about male masturbation, which allows you to know your body while discovering what you like and what not in intimacy. Here are 10 reasons why this practice is beneficial: 1. Helps Manage Premature Ejaculation Sexual therapists from parts of the world have discovered that men who suffer from premature […]
8 September, 2017

10 Benefits of Female Masturbation

10 Benefits of Female Masturbation What are you waiting for to spend a few minutes on yourself and enjoy your body in a healthy way? Today, women experience and discover our bodies, especially when it comes to our sexuality. Each time, the son plus the women who, fortunately, have no qualms about giving themselves pleasure. There is nothing wrong, on […]
4 September, 2017

Begin in BDSM

INTRODUCTION INTO BDSM What is the term BDSM? To begin we must be sure of the meaning of these acronyms;BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism). Most of us practice BDSM in varying degrees during our sexual games without realizing it. For example, at some point during play with your partner, you take control as to what happens next but you need your […]
1 September, 2017

Why buy online at boudoir.es?

Why buy online at boudoir.es? Currently, buy online has many advantages that we can take advantage of without having to leave home. For this reason, at boudoir.es we offer a series of exclusive offers and discounts on the web so that our customers feel satisfied and can purchase their products from our online shop in total comfort and discretion. From our website boudoir.es […]
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