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sona cruise 2 black
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sona 2 cruiser black
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clitoral sucker sona 2 cruiser cerise
sona 2 cruiser cerise
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clitoral sucker sona 2 cruiser purple

LELO SONA 2 Cruise



LELO SONA 2 Cruise

The most beautiful Clitoris Sucker on the market.
Its ergonomic and elegant design makes it one of the most recognizable clitoral stimulators in the world.
The sonic waves that have always characterized the Lelo Sona, are now softer, making the stimulation longer and more enjoyable.

LELO, incorporates the new model of SONA the Innovative Technology CRUISE CONTROL. When the stimulator presses against your clitoris, it increases the power of its sonic waves, to enjoy constant pleasure without the loss of intensity.

Control your 8 stimulation modes, from a light pulse to powerful waves that will allow you to reach climax in a matter of seconds.

Made with a soft body grade silicone that is completely sealed making it waterproof.

• Stimulation modes: 8
• Interface: 3 buttons
• Size: 99 x 87 x 56 mm
• Weight: 136 g
• Material: ABS and silicone
• Battery: Li-Ion 530mA 3.7V
• Charging time: 2 hours
• Duration: 1h
• Max. noise level: <50dB
• waterproof


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