Tenga Egg



Tenga Egg

Description: This toy will help you to intensify your pleasure thanks to wide range of eggs by Tenga, each egg has a different textured interior especially designed to bring you different stimulations that will produce incredible orgasms.

Raise your masturbation level up and you will feel much more satisfied. Tenga eggs are also unisex, just by turning the egg inside out, the woman can enjoy the textured sensations  while masturbating with a good splash of quality lubricant.

Main characteristics of Tenga Eggs:

Male and female masturbator

Includes lubricant and each egg has a

Different different textured interior

Ideal for travel to take it wherever you want. And super discreet.

Stretchy  and adaptable to all sizes

Super pleasant and stimulating for both men and women

Measures: 7 cm / 5 cm (in normal state)

Material: Medical grade elastomer. These eggs do not contain latex.

How masturbators eggs are used: When removing the masturbator from the shell, you will find the lubricant that comes inside. To make the use of the soft and pleasant egg, apply the lubricant inside the egg then you insert your member into it, you will notice how the elastic material can be stretched to accommodate all sizes. For women, turn the egg inside out add some lubricant and use to self masturbate with the egg cupping your fingers.

Use and maintenance: It is recommended to use water-based lubricants for better lubricaron and easy sliding and penetration. With good maintenance it can be used several times.

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Cliker, Cloudy, Cool, Crater, Dance, Lovers, Misty, Party, Shiny, Silky, Spider, Stepper, Surfer, Thunder, Twister, Wavy


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